29 Oct 2014

A Planner Pickle

Guess who's back...after a huge amount of time and a bit of a rollercoaster of a year.

I last posted back in May just before my whole changed forever.
I'd just started a new job, then less than a month into that new job my father passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly. I was away from work for the next month and during that time my priorities changed and my Filofax fell my the wayside, I guess I hadn't got into using it seriously enough and with nothing to do but recover from what had happened I just didn't feel the need for it.

Then only one month after the lowest time of my life two major highs came along, we bought a flat and got engaged!!

Now you'd think that preparing to move into a new flat (it's still being built and won't be ready until Dec 2015) and planning a wedding were perfect ways to get back into my Filo...but here comes the planner pickle...

I'm just finding my Filofax too bulky to carry around in my bag with me, as well as the full pencil case.
I'm a great lover of excel spreadsheets and I've got them coming out of my ears with wedding planning details on...but I feel like I need to have something with me that's more of an overview of all the wedding details.

So what to do next...here are the options:

I found this online and thought it was the looked perfect
It covers all the main wedding areas, looks nice and has well planned out sections.
It also has a pouch for loose bits of paper etc.
Vital flaw 1: it has no diary
Vital flaw 2: the pages are 

A Plain Diary
May not have enough note pages
Wouldn't have the structured sections - without that I'd just get messy
Nothing to hold loose paper

Has the diary and notes sections
Wouldn't have the structured sections
Has a storing pouch

A Plain Notepad
No diary
Not structured
Nothing to hold loose paper

So what do I do, what combination do I put together?
Do I stick with the Filofax that I'm not using?
So I have a diary and the Moleskine?
The Moleskine has printable sections on their website, could these be somehow incorporated?

I'm also trying to save every penny I can for the flat, the wedding and Christmas so I don't want to spend a lot of money.

And my biggest worry, will I use it?
I'm always buying notebooks, diaries, downloading apps, trying online calendars...anything to organise myself, but for me everything turns out to be a fad.
How can I find the right thing for me?

Advice please!!