30 Mar 2015

My Week #8

Another though one, I'm hoping that they'll start getting easier soon!

This week should be good though, 3 days at work, 6 day weekend (and my birthday!) and another 3 day week at work next week!

28 Mar 2015

30 Before 30: Behind The List, Part 3

And the final instalment of my 30 Before 30 list.

Hopefully I can start getting some of these things crossed off and I'll keep you guys updated (as enthralled as you are.)

21. Grow my own Fruit, Veg & Herbs
Nothing sounds better to me than being able to pop out to the garden and grab your own dinner. T isn’t as keen on the idea, for some reason he’s the opposite to everyone else and doesn’t want to know where his food is from.

22. Go Camping
Something I’ve never done, something I should do and maybe a nice thing to start doing as a family holiday...once I've popped out a few kiddos.

23. Have a Spa Day
I’ve never really had a full on Spa Day, I’ve had a facial once. Never had a manicure or pedicure though. I’m hoping with the Wedding coming up that I’ll have a good excuse to go the whole hog on a Spa Day – facial, massage, manicure, pedicure etc.

24. Crochet or Knit a Baby Blanket
There’d be nothing more satisfying that looking at the blanket your gorgeous baby is snuggled up in and knowing that you’ve made it for them. Something I need to learn though, no skills there yet, haha.

25. Learn to Drive
Yes, I’m nearly 26 and I can’t drive. In fact I’ve only been in the driver’s seat once and that was in a field with my Dad. It’s a skill that I can’t afford not to have and I know it’s something my Dad wanted me to learn. He definitely would have been be super proud if I managed it, and anything I can do for him, I will.

26. Run a Marathon
I’ve always wanted to do this, I’ve know it’s one of my bucket list, life goal type things. I have no idea whether I’ll manage it, at the moment I can run for a mile before collapsing. But it’s something to work on.

27. Own a Pet
I want a pet like nothing else at the moment. I'm ultimately a cat person, but I can swing both ways and would be more than up for getting a dog. A cat would be more flat suitable though and involved less input, but I want a Corgi so badly, they’re so damn cute!

28. Cook through a Cook Book
Linking to the cooking things, I’d love to work my way through a whole Cook Book. Think Julie & Julia. Trying all the recipes and pushing myself to try things I haven’t before. I’m yet to decide what book it should be. I guess a good all rounder would be better than a themed book.

29. Do a 365 Project
I feel like I don’t take enough photos, I’ve got a little better since signing up to Instagram, but I feel that something like this would force me to take a photos of something every day. Even if it is just 365 pictures of cups of tea.

30. Own less 'Stuff'
I just have too much crap at the moment, when we moved into our new flat it will be a bit of a downsized (not the right direction, I know!) so I want to get rid of the clutter that I hold onto so life will be easier for us I the future.

30 Before 30: Behind The List, Part 1

27 Mar 2015

Photo Friday #14

At the end of yet another taxing week, this is my reward....
A Reese's Peanut Butter Krispie Kreme.

(Sadly not all to myself, but to be shared with T at home)

23 Mar 2015

My Week #7

I'd say that last week was quite a good one, it was pretty busy. In fact, I forgot to pay our rent (oops!). But I had a lovely relaxing and fun weekend visiting family and friends, it was just what I needed!

21 Mar 2015

30 Before 30: Behind The List, Part 2

The next instalment of my 30 Before 30 list:

11. Write a Book
I have always dreamed of writing a book, I’ve had a few different ideas in the past, but I’m not sure I have the imagination to write the sort of book I would like to. I can keep trying, and maybe I’ll make it big and be able to work from home?

12. Write a Recipe Book
I love to cook and always have, shoving all the things I’ve ever cooked together into a recipe book is something I would love to do. I guess I should blog more about food! Another gateway to a life working from home!

13. Visit Australia
I’ve been a couple of times before, but T hasn’t. Australia is close to my heart as my Dad was Australian and 6 of his 7 brothers and sisters live out there…as well as around 20 cousins (I think).

14. Visit New York
I went with my Mum for my 21st Birthday and it was amazing. It’s my favourite city in the US and I would love to go there again. I’d bloody love to live there too!

15. Visit Italy
I’ve never been to Italy and it is the one place left in Europe that I would LOVE to go to. Lucikly T is keen to take me there, so this one should be crossed off by the time I’m 30 (I hope!).

16. Go to Harry Potter in Florida
I love Harry Potter, they’re the books that first got me reading, I felt like I grew up with the characters and the last book was released when I was in my final year of school. In turn, I love anything Harry Potter related and would LOVE to go to Florida to Harry Potter World.

17. Visit Disney
This is kind of a cheat, as it’s linked to the one above, we’d be going to Disney and Harry Potter together in Florida…WHAT A TRIP!

18. See the Northern Lights
Isn’t this on everyone’s list? One of those amazing things in life that must be done.

19. Swim with Dolphins
Again, something that’s pretty amazing and must be done. I’m hoping we can get this done whilst we’re on Honeymoon!

20. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
I’ve always wanted to go in a Hot Air Balloon. I’m not sure if I’d find it scary, but there’s something amazing and romantic about the idea. I just realised that a helicopter ride should be on here too, but I’ve run out of room!

20 Mar 2015

Photo Friday #13

This week I booked to go to France again with my family. Sadly T cannot come this year, but I'm going to make the best of being able to have a few days break from everything.
I really do wish that he could come, especially as I'll be there on the year anniversary of him proposing to me, where he proposed (I might have to try and convince him to come now...)

Enough of my rambling, to make up for the missed Photo Friday last week here area a few shots of the area in France we go to.

Excuse the date stamp on some of the photos.
I can't wait to go back!

Blog Troubles: Text with a mind of it's own...

I wonder if anyone can help me?
I seem to be having a few troubles with the text font and size on here, usually in the first sentence of a post...and I'm not really sure why.
I've played around and I can't seem to fix it, I just seem to make it worse!
Any ideas?

19 Mar 2015

A Crazy Week - Mark 2

So I had told you about my crazy week last week...well this one's basically been along the same lines...CRAZY.

I found out I didn't get the job I interviewed for last week (sob), and I had the interview for the other job yesterday.
I got so focused and panicked about having to do the test part of the interview that I don't think I'd prepared myself for the interview itself. The test was a doddle and the interview was really hard, so I'm not feeling too hopeful right now, but it's all good experience.
Just sitting on the edge of my seat today, waiting to hear something.

I've also managed to book myself to go on holiday in the summer! I didn't think it'd happen, so I'm super excited, even if it's a short one. T isn't coming, so he's not best pleased, but we'll try and go on another little trip together.
So I off to France again, for the 4th year in a row I think, to a gorgeous little town called Duras in the wine regions. I just can't wait...and I'll get to revisit the bench where T proposed!

And finally I got thrown into a little tizz about my wedding hair plans. At the weekend my hairdresser said that the idea I had for my hair wouldn't really work, because it would cause a whole washing and restyling fiasco...so I've been coming up with some other plans. I also found out that my hair dresser will be charging me a fee, which is fair enough, it's his job after all, but it is a little bit disappointing.

So that's my week so far...I'm looking forward to this weekend and a nice little trip away to see family & friends!

16 Mar 2015

My Week #6

A little sparse this week...and crazy. Glad it's over, hope this one is a little better!

14 Mar 2015

30 Before 30: Behind The List, Part 1

As I recently put together my 30 before 30, I thought I'd give you a few reasons behind why I put things on there. 
This was intended to be one single post, but you know me...ramble, ramble, ramble. So now it's 3.
Yeah, sorry...

1.    Get Engaged
This was always going to be on my list, if I’d put this together just over 2 years ago, I’d have NEVER believed that it would get crossed off. This is the girl who’d never had a boyfriend, so just look how things can change!
2.    Get Married
The next natural step of course and with this one timetabled in for December, it will definitely get crossed off soon!
3.    Have a Baby
T would definitely like to me to pop out a kid ASAP, he is very aware of his biological clock, as if he has one! I’d like one too, but I expect I’d like to have at least one by the time I’m 30!
4.    Buy a House
Yes, we’ve bought a flat already, which is why this is cross off, as it covers the ‘be a home owner’ card. I’d like us to have sold our flat and have moved onto a house by the time I’m 30 though, so it still kinda counts.
5.    Save Enough for Our Wedding
More on my savings background below and why this is important to me…following on from that, this is my first real savings test. I want to prove to myself and to T that I CAN save the money we need for the wedding. 
6.    Have £10k in Savings
This is an important one for me, and I’m not sure how realistic it is, but I need something to work towards. Before I met T I didn’t have a penny of savings and I had a giant credit card which I either paid off and was in my overdraft all month or didn’t get paid off and I was paying fees. Since meeting T he’s changed the way I think about money, he’s a born saver and I’m so thankful for that. I remember being so ashamed of my debt that I cried when I told him. I can now proudly say that my credit card debt is paid off and I actually have a good chunk in savings!
7.    Earn at least £30k/year
I always think that when you’re less than 30 you should be earning more than your age. I think I’ve managed so far, but I definitely want to step up my game and break past the £30k mark before I’m 30.
8.    Work for Myself
I would love to be able to work for myself at home, raising our children, in a lovely, old, giant house in the country – a girl can dream? I’m not sure whether this is even possible, but you never know!
9.    Be a Stay at Home Mummy
Nothing would please me more in life to be a housewife, to stay at home, cook, clean, raise our children and potter about. And obviously go shopping and have lunch with all the other yummy Mummys! But again, this is a difficult one and I don’t think it will happen.
10.  Buy a Mulberry Bag
This is THE expensive bag that I want in my life, a gorgeous brown leather bag that will last me forever. Now with a heavy price tag of over £1k, it’s not a pop to the shops and pick out a new bag sort of purchase. I’ve wanted one of these for years and one day I will earn enough extra money to reward myself or T will give in to my begging and buy one for me.

12 Mar 2015

The Crazy Life Of J

That's what I feel like at the moment...like I'm living the life of Jordan at The Crazy Life of J. Which is appropriate as my initial is also J.
A quick note to add that I LOVE The Crazy Life of J, seriously one of my favourite blogs ever. I've read from the beginning all the way through...and I may have re-read some bits...especially the wedding planning bits.

Anyway, I feel like my life's turned a bit crazy recently, but it's all a bit unexpected.

I've generally been quite busy, seeing people, doing things, wedding planning, working...the general stuff and really I'm not sure why this week seems so much more crazy. It just does.

Firstly, I finally recognised that I had a problem. I don't think I'm really dealing with my grief for my Dad and I think as a result of that I've changed. I feel like I'm a different person in so many ways now and I act differently and react differently - and it's not really a good different. I don't feel like I'm moving forwards, in fact maybe backwards and so I finally asked for help. So now I need to have an assessment with a counselling service, which will hopefully lead to some session and will hopefully get back to being me.

Secondly, and I think this is what's thrown me more, without really intending to, I'm suddenly interviewing for a new job. I saw a couple of jobs posted internally at my work that were the pay grade above mine. I figured, what the hell, let's test the waters. So I updated my CV and cobbled together an application (it's shockingly poor - I read it on the way to an interview this morning, there are SO many mistakes!).
Low and behold I got offered an interview. I umm-ed and ahh-ed and decided to tell my manager about it, who was SUPER supportive which was totally unexpected.
And so off I went this morning, feeling slightly unprepared to my first interview in a year.
Once I got back to work, I saw an email inviting me to interview for the other position I had applied for.

Look at me, I am in demand. This is a total shock to me.

Anyway, so that's why this week is crazy.

I'm off to meet my old housemates after work to go to a Bavarian Beerhouse, so it'll be nice to have a little relax after my crazy week and start Friday feeling good (I hope!).

11 Mar 2015

My Week #5

A little late this week, but it's been a bit of a crazy one for me so far...more on that soon ;)

7 Mar 2015

30 Before 30

The other day I was reading Angela at Paper Lovestory's post on doing a 30 things to do before you turn 30 list. One a side note, she has a really good blog - highly reccomended!
I figured it might be a good plan to put together a list of my own, the years are closing in and I have around 4 years and a month before I turn 30!

I think I need to make sure I get up and do more stuff, I'm a little too lazy and set in my ways at the moment. So hopefully this list can provide me with a bit of motivation!

I know that putting things like 'Get Engaged' on is kinda cheating, as it's already happened. But in my defence, it is something I would've wanted to have accomplished by 30!
Buy a House too...although I'd have hoped that we'll have upgraded from the flat we've bought to a house.

  1. Get Engaged
  2. Get Married
  3. Have a Baby
  4. Buy a House
  5. Save Enough for Our Wedding
  6. Have £10k in Savings
  7. Earn at least £30k/year
  8. Work for Myself
  9. Be a Stay at Home Mummy
  10. Buy a Mulberry Bag
  11. Write a Book
  12. Write a Recipe Book
  13. Visit Australia
  14. Visit New York
  15. Visit Italy
  16. Go to Harry Potter in Florida
  17. Visit Disney
  18. See the Northern Lights
  19. Swim with Dolphins
  20. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  21. Grow my own Fruit, Veg & Herbs
  22. Go Camping
  23. Have a Spa Day
  24. Crochet or Knit a Baby Blanket
  25. Learn to Drive
  26. Run a Marathon
  27. Own a Pet
  28. Cook through a Cook Book
  29. Do a 365 Project
  30. Own less 'Stuff'

6 Mar 2015

Photo Friday #12

With only 9 months to go we've paid off another chunk of our venue costs!

4 Mar 2015

Birthday: Planned...sort of

So after my worries over my birthday (don't I sound self centred!), the plans have been made...

Hell Yes!!!

Harry Potter Studio Tour on my Birthday, I get to open the doors of the Great Hall!
We've got quite a late booking, so I'm hoping we can grab some yummy lunch somewhere first!

Overall it's going to be a pretty good weekend really. My work have given everyone an extra 2 days off over Easter, hello SIX DAY WEEKEND!

The day before my birthday I've got a mini wedding trip planned with my Mum, off to see the florist, venue and cake shop. Then the day of my birthday is HARRY POTTER!! Saturday I'm hoping to do something with friends. Sunday I'm going to see McBusted and then I've got 2 more days of freedom after that before work!

Pretty awesome eh?

2 Mar 2015

My Week #4

It's finally March...
Again nothing too exciting this week, quite a few sad faces, it wasn't a great one for me!