4 Mar 2015

Birthday: Planned...sort of

So after my worries over my birthday (don't I sound self centred!), the plans have been made...

Hell Yes!!!

Harry Potter Studio Tour on my Birthday, I get to open the doors of the Great Hall!
We've got quite a late booking, so I'm hoping we can grab some yummy lunch somewhere first!

Overall it's going to be a pretty good weekend really. My work have given everyone an extra 2 days off over Easter, hello SIX DAY WEEKEND!

The day before my birthday I've got a mini wedding trip planned with my Mum, off to see the florist, venue and cake shop. Then the day of my birthday is HARRY POTTER!! Saturday I'm hoping to do something with friends. Sunday I'm going to see McBusted and then I've got 2 more days of freedom after that before work!

Pretty awesome eh?

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