30 Apr 2015

My 100th Post!

I'm not really sure how much the first few posts counted seeing as I hadn't really got into the swing of this blogging thing, but hey...this is my 100th post!!

Isn't that exciting! I wish I had something momentous to put, but I really don't at the moment.

I just want to say thanks to anyone that actually bothered to read this. And encourage you to say hello, it'd be nice to know if there's anyone out there or whether I'm just yammering away to myself (most likely).

But that's all for now, Happy Thursday folks!

29 Apr 2015

Wedding Make Up: Professional vs. DIY

Recently I've been thinking about my wedding make up, umming and ahhing about what to do.
I had originally thought that I would hire a make up artists to do it. I'm not really the most make up savvy person and I don't really wear very much, so it seemed like the sensible way to go.

But then I started researching and it became apparent that to get someone who's good I'd be paying around £150-200 for just my make up trial and on the day make up - no extra people included in that. Yes, there are cheaper options, but looking at their portfolios, you can see why they're cheaper. There's also a huge risk that whoever I pick, expensive or not, will make me look like a clown and then I'll have paid loads of money for me to just have to take it off and do it myself. I've definitely read some horror stories.

The other option is for me to do my make up myself. It would definitely an element of pressure on the day, but it would allow me to buy some really good quality products that I can use after the wedding.

It my true style I've made a list...or several lists and maybe a spreadsheet, to compare the options.
Here are the lists of pros for each:

DIY Pros
  • I get to spend a reasonable amount of money on good quality make up, which I can keep and use after the wedding
  • Cheaper than hiring a make up artist
  • I have control over the products that I use
  • I have control over my look
  • Less likely to go horribly wrong (oh the horror stories)
  • I don't wear much make up, so why pay someone to put more on me
  • Gives me the chance to learn a useful skill
  • I have pretty good skin anyway
  • I can do my own trial runs, which I don't have to pay for
  • I can involve my bridesmaids
  • I don't have to worry about choosing the right make up artist

Make Up Artist Pros
  • Less pressure on me on the day
  • I don't have to choose my own products (I'm pretty terrible with making decisions)
  • I don't have to worry about lack of knowledge
  • Likely to be much better than I am with make up
  • Make up would stay on better/longer

I would say that at the moment there are more pros to me doing it myself, but I do need to think about my lack of knowledge, the extra pressure and making sure that my look isn't too underwhelming and that the make up actually stays put on my face! But I can definitely research and learn and go to make up counters and have make overs where they talk me through what they're doing, which I think would be a big help.

At the moment I am leaning towards DIY, but I have time to research and practice and if it all goes horribly wrong I can try and hire someone last minute - let's hope that doesn't happen!

What do you think? Is this a good idea or totally mad?

28 Apr 2015

My Week #12

A bit of a quiet one again, the beginning of the week was all a lead up to the interview I had on Thursday. I still haven't heard back!

Then a nice weekend trip into Essex and bought some camping gear...oh yes, lead up to another 30 Before 30 item?

25 Apr 2015

A Bit of a Catch Up

So I thought I'd post a general catch up, I've started several posts over the last few weeks, but none of them have been finish, I have no idea why, considering I have nada to do at work at the moment.

Firstly let's go all the way back to the Easter weekend and the six day awesome birthday extravaganza that it was (hardly).

Thursday 2nd was a nice little Wedding themed day trip out for my mum, it ended up being a little rushed and stressful and we didn't get everything done, but oh well! First up was our lovely florist, who was even lovelier in person and very forgiving considering we were 45 minutes late and then got lost and couldn't find the right place.
After that we sped off to the wedding venue so that my mum could see it, shock horror, she actually liked it. I was flabbergaster, she is super critical, but I think she could see past of the more shabby bits to see the overall vision I was going for.
Sadly the Wedding Coordinator was stuck on the phone, so I didn't get to speak to her before we had to rush off...cue massively long email with a million questions!
Then it was off to the cake shop, we arrived so late that they were basically shutting up for the night and the manager was off to a meeting, so my attempts to order my Wedding cake failed miserably.

Then Friday 3rd was my birthday, hooray! A got a bundle of cards and some lovely birthday presents, a Fjallraven Kanken backpack from my mum and a Radley purse and handbag from T and his mum. So now I have a million bags that I need to use!
I have a birthday surprise, which turned out to be my first mani pedi EVER (working towards that 30 Before 30 checklist there - nearly a spa day!) which I loved, lunch out and then off to Harry Potter! Where I took loads of photos (so many my phone ran out of battery) and had some butter beer, sadly there were no real good souvenirs in the shop so I came away empty handed. We got back to London pretty late and fitting in a late night pint and trip to Nandos!

Saturday 4th was the Idea Home Show, I only really wanted to go for the food, but T was keen on the house stuff. We did come away with a few buys, some bamboo pillows (get us), some sweeping brush type things and a wooden duck! Not to mention half the cheese that was at the show. We also nearly bought a bed! We then decided to book free tickets to Grand Designs Live, so that's coming up soon.
After that it was off to have drinks with my old housemates, had a few too many beers and got some lovely little pressies, it was wonderful.

Sunday 5th was pretty quiet in the day, it was a bit of a catch up and I ended up starting some sorting before the evening rolled around and it was McBusted time!! McBusted were amazing AND I managed not to try this time...last time I saw them I cried through the whole first song. Yeah, I'm a loser.

Monday and Tuesday ended up being days of more sorting, food shopping, xbox buying (that was T) and a Don't Tell The Bride Marathon (that one was definitely me).
But it was a wonderful long weekend that rushed by far too quickly.

Since then it's been pretty quiet.
I sadly waved goodbye to one of my cousins from Australia who's been living here for 2 years, we took her and her boyfriend for traditional pie, mash and liquor in good old Romford before they left.
I interviewed for another job on Thursday, now I've got the joy of sitting waiting to hear something.

But distraction in the form of a busy weekend should help, and planning for the bank holiday weekend too. We've decided we might go camping, jumping back on my 30 Before 30 band wagon!

That's all for now folks! I'll try and be better with my updates and ramblings!

24 Apr 2015

Photo Friday #18

One I took in the week with anticipation of going to the Wilkin & Sons Factory, Museum and Tea Rooms tomorrow!

Looking forward to it, we're going to come back with so much jam!

21 Apr 2015

17 Apr 2015

Photo Friday #17

I really enjoyed the being out in the sun this week, which is unusual for me. I'm pretty sure that I'm part vampire and I tend to shy away from the sun...and the outdoors.

But maybe that's changing?

Have a good weekend :)

16 Apr 2015

Lucky Sixpence

So we've all heard the rhyme...and yes, little old me with my love of weddings and tradition is trying my hardest to incorporate this into my wedding. I'd not worked out all the aspects yet, but I've got ideas for each line at the moment. Sadly, the last line of the rhyme is often the most forgotten, but for me it's been my main focus so far...

Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

The idea of having something lucky with me, I love. And I love the idea that I can keep it after for the rest of my married life, giving me luck.

I'd done my research, I'd looked at the ones you can get from the Royal Mint, but they will set you back a slightly eye watering £28 (plus £5 p&p!)..for a coin that was for 1/40 of £1 in it's day. Yes, the idea of having a 'new' one, packed nicely in a box from the 'proper' place was tempting, but was it a valid wedding cost?
Next I turned to ebay, of course. And low and behold there were loads of sixpences, starting at the bargain price of 99p! I browsed through a few a noticed that you could choose the year that the coin was from...I then noticed that these years covered those in which my parents were born.
I then decision that I was going to buy one from the year my Dad was born, the perfect way to remember him at the wedding and keep him with me.

But today when I was browsing (again) I saw that someone had an Australian sixpence from the year that my Dad was born...and seeing as he was Australian, it just seemed to good to be true. But it didn't feel completely right, I do live in England, am marrying in England and am marrying an Englishman...

Ten minutes later, I'd bought an Australian sixpence from 1946 for $6.60 (~£3.60) and an English sixpence from 1949 for 0.99p...one for each parent and from each of the countries that they represent.
I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself and had to share it!

Now my only question is, if I have two lucky sixpences, will they cancel each other out?

My Week #10

Sorry it's so late this week, it's been a busy one at work (you can tell when I do all my blogging!) and excitingly this week one of my best friends and bridesmaids started work in the same office!

Photo Friday #16

This week I have a little triumph, I managed to eat my first full sized chocolate bar in a year and a half!
And it was a Snickers, which has been my most 'taboo' bar!

Feeling pretty good and my weight is good...so it's all good!!

Edit: I tried to post this last Friday (10th April) from my phone, but it didn't work and I didn't realise until now!

8 Apr 2015

My Week #9

Last week was one of ups and downs, thankfully more ups than downs and ended up being a pretty good one.

I'm planning on a bit of a low down of my long weekend as if you're going to be excited by that.

3 Apr 2015

Photo Friday #15

Sad to say it, but I can't resist...
Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday today, 26 getting old!
This is the cake that someone at my work made for me on Wednesday, isn't it amazing?

I hope you all have a nice Easter Weekend :)

2 Apr 2015

A Bit of a Revamp

I was feeling a little tired of how the blog looked (not that I ever look at the front end of it...oops!), so for now I've basically cleared away everything and left it plain.
I'm liking it at the moment, fresh and clean.

I guess one day I'd like to make it look fancier, but I don't really know how!
Any ideas?

1 Apr 2015

That Friday Feeling

Yes, yes, I know it's Wednesday...and for most of you tomorrow is 'Friday'.
But for me, today is Friday, oh yes. I've had a 3 day week at work, now I have 6 days off and then another 3 day week. Plus it's my birthday on Friday, I'd say that's a pretty damn good couple of weeks.

I've been feeling a bit down recently, I touched on feeling different before, but this has taken on a whole other mind of it's own and I've been feeling pretty low the last week or so.
On the up side, I'm actually feeling ok today and I'm hoping that I can carry that through this mega long weekend and make it a good 'un.

It's clearly that Friday feeling that's carrying me though.
I hope you all have a nice Easter weekend!