16 Apr 2015

Lucky Sixpence

So we've all heard the rhyme...and yes, little old me with my love of weddings and tradition is trying my hardest to incorporate this into my wedding. I'd not worked out all the aspects yet, but I've got ideas for each line at the moment. Sadly, the last line of the rhyme is often the most forgotten, but for me it's been my main focus so far...

Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

The idea of having something lucky with me, I love. And I love the idea that I can keep it after for the rest of my married life, giving me luck.

I'd done my research, I'd looked at the ones you can get from the Royal Mint, but they will set you back a slightly eye watering £28 (plus £5 p&p!)..for a coin that was for 1/40 of £1 in it's day. Yes, the idea of having a 'new' one, packed nicely in a box from the 'proper' place was tempting, but was it a valid wedding cost?
Next I turned to ebay, of course. And low and behold there were loads of sixpences, starting at the bargain price of 99p! I browsed through a few a noticed that you could choose the year that the coin was from...I then noticed that these years covered those in which my parents were born.
I then decision that I was going to buy one from the year my Dad was born, the perfect way to remember him at the wedding and keep him with me.

But today when I was browsing (again) I saw that someone had an Australian sixpence from the year that my Dad was born...and seeing as he was Australian, it just seemed to good to be true. But it didn't feel completely right, I do live in England, am marrying in England and am marrying an Englishman...

Ten minutes later, I'd bought an Australian sixpence from 1946 for $6.60 (~£3.60) and an English sixpence from 1949 for 0.99p...one for each parent and from each of the countries that they represent.
I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself and had to share it!

Now my only question is, if I have two lucky sixpences, will they cancel each other out?

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