29 Apr 2015

Wedding Make Up: Professional vs. DIY

Recently I've been thinking about my wedding make up, umming and ahhing about what to do.
I had originally thought that I would hire a make up artists to do it. I'm not really the most make up savvy person and I don't really wear very much, so it seemed like the sensible way to go.

But then I started researching and it became apparent that to get someone who's good I'd be paying around £150-200 for just my make up trial and on the day make up - no extra people included in that. Yes, there are cheaper options, but looking at their portfolios, you can see why they're cheaper. There's also a huge risk that whoever I pick, expensive or not, will make me look like a clown and then I'll have paid loads of money for me to just have to take it off and do it myself. I've definitely read some horror stories.

The other option is for me to do my make up myself. It would definitely an element of pressure on the day, but it would allow me to buy some really good quality products that I can use after the wedding.

It my true style I've made a list...or several lists and maybe a spreadsheet, to compare the options.
Here are the lists of pros for each:

DIY Pros
  • I get to spend a reasonable amount of money on good quality make up, which I can keep and use after the wedding
  • Cheaper than hiring a make up artist
  • I have control over the products that I use
  • I have control over my look
  • Less likely to go horribly wrong (oh the horror stories)
  • I don't wear much make up, so why pay someone to put more on me
  • Gives me the chance to learn a useful skill
  • I have pretty good skin anyway
  • I can do my own trial runs, which I don't have to pay for
  • I can involve my bridesmaids
  • I don't have to worry about choosing the right make up artist

Make Up Artist Pros
  • Less pressure on me on the day
  • I don't have to choose my own products (I'm pretty terrible with making decisions)
  • I don't have to worry about lack of knowledge
  • Likely to be much better than I am with make up
  • Make up would stay on better/longer

I would say that at the moment there are more pros to me doing it myself, but I do need to think about my lack of knowledge, the extra pressure and making sure that my look isn't too underwhelming and that the make up actually stays put on my face! But I can definitely research and learn and go to make up counters and have make overs where they talk me through what they're doing, which I think would be a big help.

At the moment I am leaning towards DIY, but I have time to research and practice and if it all goes horribly wrong I can try and hire someone last minute - let's hope that doesn't happen!

What do you think? Is this a good idea or totally mad?

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