7 Feb 2014

New Planner

I thought I'd show you all my slightly feeble attempt at my first home made planner!

I decided that as it's a New Year and I'm about to move house I wanted to get everything under control.
I've been inspired by a few other blogs (ABFOL, The Nest Effect, Clean Mama) and their amazing organising, cleaning, finance and home management binders. I sit there drooling at their colourful designs and sticky labels and tabs which unfortunately can't be purchased in England.

I currently have several lists online, word docs, excel files etc. that I use to keep me organised, but I don't like having things in so many different places.
Don't even mention my diary, I'm terrible. I've tried using an online calendar, using paper diaries and now use my iPhone (but not in an organised way).

So now is the time to make the change. I'm going to try and amalgamate everything into one place, diary, to do lists, finance tracking, cleaning rotas, meal planners and for the immediate future my moving lists.

Here is my planner in progress

I went to Paperchase yesterday and got a selection of their organiser inserts (personal size):
2014 diary refill - week on 2 pages
To do list refill
2 zip pockets

I also got a couple of pieces of ribbon (from some gift tags) and threaded them through the holes to hold it all together.

I know it's a slightly strange way to start off, but as I'm not sure if this is the right way to organise my life yet, so I didn't want to splash out on an expensive organiser and it end up not being used.

However, I have got my eye on this little beauty though, and as my birthday is coming up...

And when I finally pluck up the courage to buy it I'll get a few extra filofax inserts too.
I'm mainly thinking a few functions bits and pieces to help me get started, a ruler and business card holders, the finance sheets and some of the maps as a little treat to myself (I really like maps!)

I hope you enjoyed!
If you have any bright ideas to help me along with my planner, please feel free to let me know.

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