2 May 2015

Uphill Cycling, Scones and Jam and some Camping Equiptment

I'd say that's how I would sum up last weekend (it's another weekend already!!).

We started Saturday off by getting the train from Romford to Kelvedon, bikes in tow. We were planning what I thought would be a easy little nip out on the bikes from Kelvedon to Tiptree to go to the Tiptree Jam Factory, Museum and Tea Rooms. Yeah, it wasn't such a great ride.
Firstly it was on the road the whole way, which I am not a fan of, and the whole way there was uphill...4 miles of just uphill! My poor little legs cannot take that after nearly a year of not cycling!

We finally got there, somehow, and joined the queue for the tea rooms...and then spotted a sign to say that the museum would be shut from 1pm for a private event. Checked the time, it'd just hit 1pm! We were at least able to get some food (a VERY tasty Ploughmans with a pork pie followed by the scones I posted a picture of yesterday) and have a look around the shop...and we didn't buy everything they had! Which is a miracle, considering they had two walls full of different jars of jams and preserves!!
Then it was back on the bikes for a 4 mile downhill ride (so much better than the way there!) and arrived at the station just as the train pulled away! We only had to wait 30 minutes for the next train, which was a nice break as my thighs were burning!

On the train again and out futher into Essex to Colchester. We had a bit of time to walk around the town and pop into a few shops before everything closed. We came away with some camping gear, tea towels and a sausage dog door stop (we have named him Porky).
Colchester was lovely, it's Britain's oldest recorded town (in case you didn't know) and it had a lovely castle and gardens. We eventually got back on the train, which was now full of drunk people on their way out, which made for a wonderfully quite and relaxing journey home, ha!

Then Sunday ended up being completed camping gear related, we put in a big Amazon order and went into Central London to buy some stuff too.
Only to later decide that we would not be going camping this weekend...it's a Bank Holiday so all the trains are crazy and it's going to rain. There goes that 30 Before 30 plan, but I'm pretty sure putting me in a rainy field for two days on my first camping trip would not make me want to go again!

This weekend, instead of camping, we're off into Essex again to the Braintree Outlet Mall...shopping, yay! We might also look at beds. Yup, beds.

Not don't you tell me I don't live a thrilling life ;)

Enjoy the long weekend!

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