20 Jan 2013

Hello from a Town in Kent!

Hello and welcome to the first post in The Kent Town Kitchen.

I'm actually breaking the first rule of my blog name, this first post is not actually coming from Kentish Town, but in fact from a village in Kent.

As I write this, I am snowed into my parents house in Yalding in Kent. The plus side is that it's amazingly pretty, the down side is that as I've just had the burst of motivation to start this blog, I find myself in the wrong part of the country!

View from Yalding Bridge

A side note: My name is Jenny, I'm 23 and living in Kentish Town, London. I work in Admin in a job that I really enjoy, but when I'm at home my way to escape is through cooking. I love food, and love cooking even more.

This blog is going to be a catalogue of recipes I've come up with myself, those that I've tweeked and those that I've followed to the letter.
I'm not a chef, I'm no expert, but I love to cook and I want to share that.

Following this post will be my first proper cooking post....

Jenny x

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