17 Feb 2015

10 Months To Go...the finishing touches

And last but not least, those little extras at the end!

Half done and somewhat dusted. We've done the Save the Dates, they went out as a combination of hard copy and email a few weeks ago.
What's left is invitations, menus, programmes, table names, place names...etc?
Most of these things are being made by us on the iPad app Makr - it's pretty damn good and we get to make it look how we want and get everthing to match. We then download it from there for a very small fee and print it via an online printer - et voila!

Nearly forgot about this one. This is still a little bit up in the air, we know exactly what rings we want, bother plain platinum bands. But where to buy them, not sue yet!

And this is my biggest thing yet to sort. We've got the florist, so at least I know where any flower decorations will come from. Further than that, I'm not sure yet.
I know we get a large floral arrangement included in our ceremony room booking (yeah!), and this will probably be the only large floral display we have. Although this isn't coming from the florist I've hired, but the venue's recommended one so I really hope it turns out nicely.
For tables I have a few ideas of what to have as centres, but these keep chopping and changing and I can't make up my mind at the moment.
As for other decorations, I'm not really sure what I need...the venue will have their Christmas deocrations up, which means the mantle places will have garlands on them and there will be a big tree, but I'm not sure how it'll fit in with what else I want. But at least it's some of the decoration done for me!
I want a sort of wintery, rustic yet classy look. Not too much to ask for ;)
Anyone have any good ideas? 

Now I'm pretty sure that covers all the main areas, but if you want any extra details, just let me know!
Have I forgotten something?!

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