7 Feb 2015

10 Months To Go...the Vendors are lining up

Here's the continuing ramble about the wedding count down and where we're up to.
No doubt you'll find it thrilling ;)

The lucky ducks that we are, we managed to bag £1,600 worth of wedding photographer for free!
One of my parents oldest friends, Trevor Godfree, is a wedding photographer. And in his words, 'I tell this to all the people I like, if I'm going to do you wedding photos for you, I'm going to do them for free'.
Bob's your Uncle!

I spent ages trawling the internet, unable to find a florist that didn't have photos of their wedding flowers that included calla lilies, palm leaves, plain roses and sparkly bits...gross.
Not matter how much promise they showed, they always had one of those photos, which was a total put off for me.
I turned to Pinterest and started searching for florists in Surrey, of course nothing much came up. But a few things cropped up that looking very promising. I followed through to a website...Blush Floral Design.
One look through, my eyes turned to the shape of hearts and I knew this was the florist for me. No tacky, boring or plain floral displays, everything was gorgeous, textured and rustic.
After a fair few emails with the wonderfully helpful and friendly Bex, I took the plunge, and we're all booked in!
Just got to work out what flowers we want now!

We've hit our first stumbling block! After not much research at all we ruled out the possibility of live music, I know it's a wedding and everything is overpriced, but live music = overpriced!!
We're stuck between hiring a DJ and putting together our own music playlist.
Both have pros and cons.
If we hire a DJ we just give him a list of songs and let him do his thang (so to speak), but we have to shell out some cash.
If we put together our own list, we know we can get exactly what we want, and with a Spotify premium membership, that is basically sorted (except Tay Swizzle - damn you for removing yourself from Spotify!). The cost is minimal. However, do we then need to get someone at the wedding to overlook this and take charge. Does that mean they have to sit in the corner on their own all night?

Still to come...

Catch up on...

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