9 Feb 2015

10 Months To Go...the outfits are coming together

Update no.3 in the series! Onto the outfits, not you've heard quite a bit about my dress shopping so far, but what about everyone else I hear you say!

Bride's Dress
Things are coming along...I've been on shopping trips one and two and had a bit of a stress, but shopping trip three is coming along nicely.
I'm not going to expand too much, because that would be releasing the secrets of my dress!

Bridesmaid's Dresses
Boom - bridesmaids done...I hope!
After finding (in my eyes) the perfect dress, on sale, in the right sizes and just over budget (we're paying some the bridesmaids make up the rest)...I got home from work one night and went to order the dresses. Typically, one of the sizes was now out of stock.
Fast forward by a few days, I'd found various other options and was still checking the original dress and emailing around various shops to find it - breakthrough! There was a store that had one size I needed and the others were still available online. After a long phone call to order the dress from the store (I had to spell out every work od the address - the woman didn't know how to spell Leicester...I also got a call back to check the spelling of Leicester again) and a quick online purchase the dresses are on the way to me, and I cannot wait to open them and check them out! I am praying they fit!
In terms of other accessories we're yet to sort those, but I'm hoping the main hurdle is done!

Groom's Outfit
Another things that is near enough ticked off. The suit is done, a rather expensive tweed jacket, waistcoat and made to measure matching trousers! I'm not letting more info than that slip, T wants his to be a surprise too!

Groomsmen's Outfits
Not done yet - I am totally slacking! Joke, obviously.
Because of the nature of the groom's suit, there was no way we could get them to match. At the moment the thoughts are that they're going to hire something nice and elegant from Moss Bros, probably a navy 3 piece suit. Nothing really set in stone yet though!

Still to come...

Catch up on...

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