27 Feb 2015

Photo Friday #11

My very tasty free Burger from Byron

This week has just not been a great one for me, here's a run down:
  • I felt sick at the beginning of the week, but I did get a free burger and Krispie Kreme.
  • On Wednesday I fell up the escalators coming out of the Tube (yes, in front of a load of people) and rammed my knee into the edge of the step. I could barely walk after and now I have a gigantic bruise on my knee, I also manage to pull a load of muscles in my arm.
  • I broke my phone case.
  • Yesterday I left my keys at home when T was going out for work drinks, so I had to make an extra stop on the way home to collect them.
  • And today I left my lunch at home...perfect!
I am ready for the weekend and a new week!

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