13 Feb 2015

10 Months To Go...the food & drink

Onto one of the best parts in my opinion! I know it's wedding food, and in no way as I expecting for the food or drink to be amazing, I am still super excited. And when people say 'You'll be too busy to eat anything all day and you won't want to your at the Breakfast either'...well, they clearly haven't met me and T. There is no way that we will be missing out on the food drink and cake!

Food and Drink
All included in our wonderful venue package! We got the top level one, so Champagne for all!! We have a four course breakfast with coffee and petit fours, canapes at the drinks reception and probably ore booze provided than is wise! For the drinks reception we're going to have some mulled wine and Champagne (not together obviously), then everyone gets half a bottle of wine at the Breakfast, a glass of Champagne for toasting AND the additional wine we're putting on the tables.
We've been to weddings where there were 2 bottles of wine between 8-9 people and 'sparkling wine' and we were like, what is going on here? That was one thing we knew we wanted, ample booze and for it not too be too bad quality either!
So all we really need to do is the menu tasting which isn't until a few months before the wedding, I am really looking forward to that!
Although the venue don't allow additional food and drink (except for cake!), but we managed to sway them into letting us have some extra wine on the tables. We managed to convince them on sentimental reasons - now you might think that sounds pretty stupid, but I can ensure you it's quite the opposite. We're having some wine from a region of France called Cotes de Duras, it's a place where my family have been on holiday for the past few years (we're quite a wine-y family), of course with T tagging along, he is family after all! It also happens to be the place where T proposed (good boy!) and it's also wine that my Dad loved and so I want it on the table to remember him and drink to him.

Wedding Cake
Not booked, yet. But we're all decided, of course!
Last year we went to the National Wedding Show in London, there were a few cake places there where we nabbed a few taster pieces. There was one absolute stand out place, La Papillon Patisserie, to which we kept going back to to get more cake!
When we got home I looked them up, only to find that there are in the closest town to our venue, less than a 5 minute drive away - I'm calling that one fate!
We arranged a cake tasting and chomped our way through 12 amazing flavours of delicious, moist cake!
We've picked our three falvours for our three layers and the outside decoration. Now the only thing to do is order...
The only problem is, the tasting was so long ago, I think I might need a reminder session ;)

Cheese Cake
Yes, you heard me! Now I'm not talking about a cheese cake as in the pudding, but of course a stack of cheese wheels that resembles a cake - and why not?
Both T and I love cheese, and back at the good old National Wedding Show we saw a cheese cake put together by Godminster. They let us try each of the cheeses whilst explaining what they were and I'm hooked! The cheddar they make is so yummy and the cake had a good mixture of the more 'plain' cheeses whilst having a few different once thrown in.
If it was up to me, we'd have ordered already, but T things there might be a better one out there, so we'll see.
But there will definitely be a cheese cake there!

Better than this?

Still to come...

Catch up on...

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