2 Apr 2014

April Filofax Photo a Day Challenge

I've decided to take part in Carla's (from Yay! for Fridays) April 30 Day Challenge.

Yes, I am starting a day late...

These are the categories

  1. I Heart
  2. Starts with 'A'
  3. On my Dashboard
  4. No. 1
  5. Up Close & Personal
  6. Writing With
  7. List it
  8. Spinal
  9. Upside Down
  10. Artistic
  11. Eating
  12. Right This Minute
  13. Highlight of my Day
  14. Script
  15. Where You Live
  16. Wanted!
  17. Something Made
  18. Very Special
  19. Floral
  20. Today's Plan(s)
  21. Stickies
  22. Starts with 'B'
  23. A Name
  24. Throwback Thursday
  25. LOL!
  26. Before
  27. & After
  28. Underneath
  29. Monochrome
  30. Sentimental
I'm not promising I can keep up, but I will try.

I'm either going to put the photos on here on Photo Friday or I may post them each day, I haven't decided yet! The will also be going straight onto my Instagram page.
You can search for the photos using this #fflovephotoaday

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