10 Apr 2014

My new Personal Swift

I finally got a chance to snap a few pics of my new Personal Swift that I got for my birthday.
I still haven't moved into it, too scared to start using it!

Here it is...(sorry, I don't think the pictures are great quality!)

Front Cover

 Back Cover

With the lovely Filofax 'F'

 Inside Cover - Front
I also got an extra set of diary inserts, I'm not 100% sure why and
I haven't busted them open yet to have a look

 Inside Cover - Front
As you can see it doesn't lay flat yet, but I'm hoping in time it will
I love the birdcage details in the front cover and I also love the colour of the dividers

 Inside Cover - Back
I love the note pad, it's not something the Paperchase planners have

Inside Cover - Back
No notepad

I need to move into it soon...all ready for Spring! 

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