8 Apr 2014

Using my Filofax for Meal Planning

I'm technically still using my Paperchase planner at the moment, as oppose to my Filofax, as since I got the beauty last week for my birthday I haven't had time to set up and move in. It's also too pretty, and I'm scared to start using it!
But I did think that 'Using my planner for meal planning' didn't really work as a title...

Anyway, onto the main event!

I was thinking about getting some fancy inserts to use for this, but realised I'd never find something that worked perfectly for me, plus that meant shelling out more cash or having to grapple with printing my own inserts (and as I still don't have a personal hole punch, it's not a great option!)

I decided to use some note pages and stickies to make my own.
This means I can reuse the pages, and be flexible with the meals in the week, easily changing things around if I need to.

I chose to do them in two weekly blocks, as we originally thought that we'd be doing our online shops that regularly. In reality we haven't been doing them as we've been buying meat from the local butcher and fruit and veg at the market. So we only have a few extras to buy at the supermarket.

I also have a To Do list as a shopping list on the page after this to jot down anything extra we might need to pick up.

I track what meals we have in my daily pages in the diary as well, so I can always check back to see what we've eaten recently...and if we're eating out (Pizza Express above).

A really simple idea to keep track of meals, and the only cost is replacing the sticky notes!


  1. That's a great way of planning your meals and keeping track. I'm going to try this. I love having the the page opposite for the shopping list.

    1. It's really helpful to know what's coming up in case you need to pop to the shops for anything.
      I might have to change my method slightly though, as I started it so I would know I needed to buy from the supermarket, but now we go to the butchers and the local market to get our meat and veg and so we tend to get what they have available and what's a good deal! So the meal planner will come from what meat and veg we've bought instead of the other way around!