17 Apr 2014

DIY Money Box

After Christmas we picked up some bargains in the form of containers of nibbles (Twiglets/Mini Cheddars)

I had already been thinking about turning the leftover container into a money box, as we have loose change everywhere and mugs full of coppers.
As we've just decided to go on holiday to LA and Las Vegas later this year, that was the push I needed!

Here's the finished article, and guess what...no glue!

I cut some scrap paper to the right high to match the container and wrapped it round.
I used some washi tape to seal the join and then, as it didn't quite reach the top and bottom or maybe my cutting wasn't quite straight. So I put a strip of washi around the top and bottom too.

Then I had to try and cut a slot in the top, which was not so successful.
It involved a wine bottle opener and some very bad attempts at cutting with scissors. It's a pretty shocking attempt, hence why there's no close up of the top! But it does the job even if you can only put in one coin at a time.

But now I can free up the mugs that were holding coins and put change straight in our holiday fund!

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