28 Jan 2015

A John Lewis Filofax Adventure!

So on Sunday I happened to be in John Lewis with my wonderful fiance (we'll call him T), as T has seen a fantastic deal on a dishwasher the day before - £700 down to £250 for no apparent reason!
Long story short we bought the dishwasher (yay, no more washing up!) and my mum will have to store it for the next year, haha.

But whilst we were getting the sale in place I spotted the stationary section and a sign on the wall that said 'Filofax', I pointed it out to T (who rolled his eye, he has no understanding) and went over while he sorted out the money!
The section was only small, but it was like my own personal dreamland! I got to look at all the planner's I've looked at online, open them and touch them! I'm wondering now whether I should've smelt the Malden, but would I have looked just a bit weird.
To my delight they had Ochre Maldens, my dream, in most sizes, so I got to pick up, feel and look at both the personal and the A5. I can tell you I want both.
I also good to look at personal sized Originals and Finsburys, but the Malden still wins! They had some A5 dominos as well, which would definitely be my choice or work planner should I ever need one (please one day!).

In my excitement I took no photos of this wonderful Filofax oasis, but I can tell you, it's made me want a Malden even more. And wish I had a job where I could justify a planner.

Oh to dream!

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