19 Jan 2015

Hankering for a planner

And so that feelings come around again...I got stuck on what to do recently in regards to Wedding planning and how I was finding my personal Filos too bulky to carry around. Well nothing's changed, my planning need has stayed the same, my bag size has stayed the same.
What's changed is that I'm spending more time browsing other people's planners on facebook groups. The influx of pictures of Kikki K's and Webster's Colour Crush planners has left me wanting...
Wanting a lovely summery, light coloured beautiful planner that I can care for and write nicely in.
But I still also want an Ochre Malden, as well as a zipped compact and a Pillarbox Red Original.
And an A5...

But my situation hasn't changed, I don't need and won't use any of the above. And let's not get started on how I can't even think about affording anything under after the Wedding.
I just want one because it looks pretty.

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