24 Jan 2015

Planning with Moleskine

Once I ditched my filofax/Paperchase planner I realised that I was still  no good at planning electronically, I still needed something paper to write things down. The physical act of writing something seems to help me to remember it much better.

I delved into my shelves at home and found a Moleskine Weekly Notebook diary that I got for the bargain price of £3 in 2013 during the Amazon Black Friday deals.
I'd started using it then, but I didn't have the best pens and lasted for the grand total of about 4 weeks...which was mainly me writing in what days I had off over Christmas (priorities!).
I picked it up again in the last week of October and used it solidly throughout the rest of the year. I've even number all the unused pages and made it into a notebook/list book that I can carry around. It was super helpful at Christmas with lists of To Dos and recipes.

I bought myself a Dodo Pad for 2015 in the hope that I would be happy to plan in it, to be a little messy and get everything done for the Wedding and flat move. I started putting in things through December, but when it came to finally using it in January I just wasn't happy. I missed my moleskine.
It didn't feel so professional, it didn't have a ribbon page marker, the notes pages weren't lined, there was no back pocket and no elastic closure, it just didn't measure up.
After umming and ahhing for a few days and looking at the price of getting a new Molkeskine for the year (£13.99!) I found exactly what I was looking for at Ryman's for half price!
Without thinking I grabbed it and ran for the till.

I'm now the proud owner of a 2014-15 black, soft cover, weekly notebook diary. Perfect, as I love the extra pages at the beginning for notes and lists. I also love the notes pages to write down my To Dos.
For now I've reached planner peace.

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