20 Mar 2014

A Disappointing Filofax Delivery

Filofax...disappointing...these words together? Yes, it's wrong, I know.

I snagged what I thought was a cheeky bargain last week by buying a Burgundy Sherwood on eBay, in what was advertised as A5.

Now for various reasons (that will hopefully be one day explained) I have set my sights on an A5 planner. I had accepted that due to my funds I would not be able to afford a really lovely leather one...until I saw this spot on eBay. I knew it would get snapped up quickly and at a bargain Buy It Now price I continued to look at it every 5 minutes 15 or so minutes wondering whether it would go. I finally took the plunge and hit Buy It Now and excitedly waited for it to be posted and wing it's way to me.

Even better when I got home yesterday I found this waiting for me

I was very restrained and instead of ripping it open I carefully cut the tape and opened it (not to damage the FF inside!) and pulled out my purchase.

My first thought was, Wow, I didn't realise that A5 was so small. Then I grabbed my Paperchase Planner and compared it and realised that this was in fact a personal that someone has mislabelled as an A5. It had also been sold as being in 'very good condition' and on not so close inspection, it's got quite a few marks on it and I would not class it as
being in very good condition.

Here are some piccies of it

The Sherwood in the middle, compared to my phone case (brown leather) and my Paperchase Planner



Inside fron cover, card pockets

Inside back cover, full length pocket and zip pocket

Long story short, I was very disappointed. Although the leather is very soft, I just can't bring myself to love it.

Needless to say it's going to be sold to someone who will love it and my search for an A5 planner continues...

(If you happen to be interested in buying this from me, just let me know!)


  1. Rather than selling it on can't you return it to the seller for a refund, as t was not what they advertised?

  2. Yes, please return the binder and rate your experience with the vendor.

  3. This sort of thing is always difficult. Looking at the eBay listing, I'm sure the seller just didn't realise the difference between A5 and Personal. He made another error in describing it as a Filofx, in the text, so maybe he should have checked things before publishing the listing. I hope you won't give negative feedback without trying to resolve things. It's a 20 year old organiser that has probably been in a drawer for many years. At £12.99 it's not bad value. I'm sure the vendor will take it back if you contact him. Alternatively, why not clean it up and sell it yourself? You might make a profit!

  4. Thanks for the advice everyone!
    I've tried selling it, but haven't had any interest yet. I've also emailed the seller to ask for a refund as it was advertised wrong.
    We'll see what happens...

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  6. Just through I'd update you, I sent back the Filo to the seller and got a refund!