25 Mar 2014

Using Washi Tape in my Planner

I recently got some washi tape after seeing a bazillion people using it to make their planners look super pretty.
After hours trawling ebay I finally decided on which colours/patterns (even thought there are a million more, I want every colour!) I couldn't see the point in getting plain and as I love floral patterns I knew that some floral tape was on my list!

This is what I decided on

Green and Purple are my favourite colours and I also
thought the green would match my new Swift

I attempted the fairly standard lining the top and bottom of my pages with tape, but I'm still not great at getting it straight or the right length.

I really like the way it brightens up my To Do list!

I was also bored with my dividers and had loads of photos that I've printed out and never done anything with, so I trimmed the photos like a five year old with some scissors and stuck them down with some tape.

This is a photo of the Royal Albert Hall in London, taken so
that the colours came out really brightly

Some flowers that lined a bridge in a little town
in the south of France

While I know they don't look great/professional, they still brighten it up a lot!

And that's where I become stuck, I have no idea what else to use it for.
Does anyone have any good ideas for using washi?


  1. Pinterest has some greatmideas. (Easier to direct you there than write it out here. Lol)

  2. Yes! I use it on the pages that I don't really use. (That doesn't make sense huh? Lol) well for instance I don't use the numbers section in the punctuate inserts so I put washi tape over the printed words and just write on the top of it. For example: NUMBERS now reads PROJECTS! And I also use it to create frames around specific important days. Ummmm im still looking for more ideas too:)

  3. Thanks for the advice!
    I do get a bit overwhelmed looking on Pinterest sometimes, there's just so much stuff!