13 Mar 2014

Weight loss...success!

The last 6 months or so I've been on a calorie controlled diet to try and lose some weigh.
Since I left school and went to uni in 2007 I've basically been eating more and more food and the food became less healthy, and slowly over the time weight crept on.
It got to a stage last year where I felt horrible, I didn't like how I looked or how it made me feel. I'd made half hearted attempts to change in the past, but I never really tried that hard.
Luckily for me, my wonderful BF (boyfriend, he shall be knows as BF on here) suggested that we start doing a calorie controlled diet and eating healthier dinners.

Since then, with his help and support (and maths skills), I've been on 1500 calories a day as a maximum, I think I eat less on most days.
I've now lost just over 2 stone (or just over 28 pounds for those across the pond).

I still want to lose another stone, but I feel so much better already!
I want to share some tips and tricks with you, as well as what meals we like to eat.

My first recommendation is this book.

It's full of fantastic, tasty recipes, that are calorie controlled, filling...and frankly, yummy!
The Hairy Bikers have another diet book, which is worth getting, but not as good as this little gem. 

I track my weight using the Weigh Diary app, which is free, it's really simple to put in your weight, you can put in a goal, it shows your bmi and a graph of your weight loss.
It's really simple and easy, and you can even add a passcode!

I also have a list of Weight goals in my planner which I can tick off once I complete them.

If you're trying to lose weight like me...keep going, the rewards outweigh the struggle.

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