11 Mar 2014

The Planner Bug

So I recently drafted a whole post about reading Carla's blog (Yay, for Fridays!) and how her slight obsession with planners may have spurred on my own obsessive tenancies too.
However, stupid me accidentally deleted my draft and I hadn't got round to re-writing it.

So due to the move, lack of having internet and getting absorbed in reading other people's blogs (clearly putting me to shame), I am finally getting round to doing another post.

As the title suggests, and my previous mention of Carla's blog, I may have been bit by the planner bug. I posted about how I made my rather pathetic attempt at a DIY planner to check I'd actually use it before diving in head first (very sensible if you ask me).
Fortunately, I have been using it, a lot. I rather love my little bundle of papers (which has now been upgraded...and I love it even more now).

However reading this made me realise that I want the real deal, even if it's second hand or a cheap one, I need something to put these pages into!
Now as I mentioned before I had my eye on the Swift Personal Filofax I may have accidentally ordered this, and now it is being given to me as a present for my birthday, but I'm yet to get my grubby paws on it. (It's very patiently sitting in my drawer of my bedside table waiting. I haven't even opened it to look at it yet.)

I thought I'd be happy once I knew I had my Filofax on the way, but the blog made me want more...so I spend my work hours (my job is the least busy job anyone has ever worked in) reading blogs, looking at pictures and scanning ebay and my lunchtimes walking between WHSmiths (where they have filofaxes) and Paperchase (where they have their own planners AND filofaxes) and looking lovingly at them.
Sadly, they only have the bottom range, none of the fancy models that I want to get my hands on (Malden in Orche).
The shop assistants must think I'm pretty weird now.

So by mistake, I now have a filofax wishlist
Personal Ochre Malden
Personal Teal Baroque
Personal Aqua Safino
A5 Ochre Malden

It has begun...


  1. Ha ha, welcome to our world ! Once you get sucked in there is no way out..........

  2. You have given in to the madness of Filofax....
    I like your wishlist. I'd love a Baroque, too but they are so rare!

  3. It's both a surprise (you mean, people actually READ the stuff I post?!) and a pleasure whenever I find that someone has mentioned my blog on their blog. Glad to have rubbed off on you. Welcome to this wonderful obsession!

    1. Thanks for the comment Carla, I mean to email you and say I'd mentioned you. I loved reading through your blog and seeing you buy and sell all those beautiful planners!

  4. Thanks for all the comments everyone, it was super exciting to have some comments and know that a few people have actually seen my blog!