24 Mar 2014

Weekend Round Up #2

Saturday 22nd

Inside the Pub

  • Help out my parents with their business for the day, got to catch up with them and my brother and his girlfriend. It was lovely to see them all!
  • Went to the pub after for a pint and then for a sneaky free burger (I love me a burger) for dinner - perfect!

Sunday 23rd

My new Converse

The end result of my sewing, it may not look perfect great, but I was so proud

  • Explored the new town a bit more, found a whole new bit of shopping centre I didn't know about!
  • Got some Converse for half price in the sale! They're Alpine Green :)
  • Sewed up a small hole in BF's work trousers, now I know this doesn't sound like much, but I haven't done any sewing for years and I was really proud with how it turned out!

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