29 Mar 2014

Daily Diet - What I Eat Each Day

Along the lines of the health/weight loss side of things, I thought I'd let you info what I eat each day. For me what I used to eat in the day was a major problem, there were so many bad foods at work, and even when the office was cake/sweet/peanut butter M&M free, I always wanted to snack.

When I first started reducing my calories, I still snacked during the day, but these were planned snack. I really felt like I needed to snack and I couldn't survive throughout the day otherwise. I was in fact, very wrong.

For me it's about eating small amounts through the day, and keeping the calories low.

This is how I eat daily:

What: Cereal bar
Calories: try to keep it under 100
Time: around 10.00-10.30am (or as long as I can wait!)
Notes: I eat this when I get to work, I used to have breakfast at home and found myself wanting more food around the same time I now have my breakfast. Cutting out the breakfast at home cuts out unnecessary eating

What: Warburtons Sandwich thin, with mustard (instead of butter) and a ham or chicken slice
Calories: around 200 (depending on the filling)
Time: first half around 12.30pm (or later if I can hold on), second half around 2.30-3.00pm
Notes: The sandwich thins are 100 calories each, which is amazing considering that a normal slice of bread is over 200 calories. If you like it, mustard is a great alternative to butter! I try and buy sandwich meat that says how many calories per slice it is, so I can work out exactly how much I'm having.

What: Crackers (2)
Calories: 20-35/cracker
Time: Whilst cooking dinner
Notes: Plain crakcers might sound boring, but I actually think they're really tasty! And they are pretty filling too.

What: Something from the Hairy Bikers Diet Book
Notes:Try not to use all your remaining calories on this, remember that you've had other drinks throughout the day and you might want to leave room for pudding!
Also try to avoid large amounts of carbs, such as rice, pasta, noodles - these can pile on the calories!

What: Yoghurt is great and some chocolate mousse pots are quite low calorie or I often have a little bit of chocolate.

Never forget to include your drinks!
I drink a lot of tea, and as I only have a tiny bit of milk in it, I don't really count it. For soft drinks I have the 'zero' drinks, like coke zero, pepsi max, sprite zero etc.
But drinks like take away coffee, soft drinks ('full fat') or alcoholic drinks can be really calorific.

I hope that's helpful to those of you who are interested.
If you have any questions, let me know :)

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