17 Mar 2014

Weekend Round Up #1

So I've decided that along with my Photo Fridays I will do a Weekend Round Up to let you know what I got up to on the weekends (if you're even interested!)
The idea is that I have a photo from each day and a few bullet points about each day...that was I can try not to ramble on too much.

Saturday 15th

  Paperchase Planner on the train back to London
with my new washi tape (ye to be tried out)

  • Visited my parents and sister in Kent
  • Went to one of my best friend's Hen Do, it was a lovely afternoon tea with a few games and an elegant dress code
  • I meant to take a photo of the afternoon tea, but I may have got distracted...

Sunday 16th

I didn't take any photos as I actually forgot (just having too much fun), so here is a photo of the 100 degree drop on one of the rides from google.

  • Went to Thorpe Park with BF, it was a member day for Merlin Pass holders, so there were basically no queues and the weather was lovely!
  • There were a few firsts on rides that included 100 degree drop, 0-80 mph in 1.8 seconds followed by a 205ft drop (I nearly cried), ride of a winged roller coaster, riding backwards on a winged roller coaster and a ride with 10 inversions
  • Today I am feeling very sore and even seem to have pulled a muscle in my hand...how?!

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