15 Mar 2014

The Paperchase Planner

So as I mentioned in my Planner Bug post, I have upgraded my rather sad looking DIY planner for the real deal...well sort of. Sadly the real deal is not a fancy leather Filofax (sigh...Malden), but a Paperchase planner.

I thought to myself that it's still a month until I get my Filofax and I wanted to try out a proper planner, so I can switch things in and out, instead of not being able to move anything because it's all tied together.
I had a little walk around on my usual Westfield walk at lunch to scope out if WHSmith had any bargains on Filofaxes (they did on their website), but no deals in store. So I resorted to Paperchase where I knew that they were around £16 for a personal planner.
I spotted a plain brown 'leather-look' planner, popped it out it's box and had a feel.
I settled for that, and nervously took it to the till, wondering whether I'd done the right thing all the way back to my desk...

I didn't take it back...so here it is.

The feel of it is very soft, and I'm not too bothered about it being not real leather (I want to get myself a fancy leather Malden Orche Filofax one day anyway).

The box said it's brown, but it's actually got a bit of deep purple tone to it, which I really like. It's also not a solid colour, but has some very slight tone variation running through, which again, I really like.

Card slots on the inside cover holding stickers and sticky notes

It did take me a couple of days to realise where the pen loop was (on the strap - silly me), it's pretty small, but as I tend to use a black bic as my main pen to write in it, it's fine.

My main problem is, it's stuffed already!


  1. Just wait til you get a Malden... they scream out to be stuffed! Mine is just overflowing no matter what I do!

    1. I think I'll always be one of those people who has a stuff planner, I just want to bring everything with me everywhere!

  2. I'm looking for a used Malden on eBay ... but none to be found apparently :-(

    1. This facebook group is brilliant if you're looking to buy a used Filo. They have Malden's come up a lot, still pricey though! (I hope the link works!)

      Filofaxes and Pens for Sale: https://www.facebook.com/groups/349650158469624/#_=_

      Otherwise have you looked on the other Filofax sites? Lots of the European websites have Maldens. There's a page somewhere on Philofaxy that tells you which Filofax sites will ship to where, but I always lose it!

      Hope that helps :)