12 Mar 2014

Filling the 'DIY' Planner

I recently posted about getting myself a planner...well a rough DIY 'planner'!

Once I'd tied put it all together I was a bit scared to start using it, even though it's not the prettiest thing, but I still didn't want to mess it up!

I'm completely over that now (but trying to keep it neat still). I started with a plain black bic, and have started introducing some more colour as time goes on.

As for what's inside, this are the tabs that Paperchase provided me with: Information, Agenda, Planner, Diary, Address and Notes
I'm not really sure on the purpose of having an Agenda, Planner and Diary tabs, so I'm going to attempt to change them soon.
I also got a couple of zip wallets (which hold business cards, stickers etc.), a bundle of To Do Lists and some extra Notes pages.

I've used little sticky notes to add some of my own top tabs, but they are getting rather bent from being stuffing into my bag and I use 'Sign Here' post it tabs (they were the most suitable thing on my desk at work!) to show my daily To Do List and to mark the current week in the diary.

I have a weekly to do list, goals & projects (weight loss goals and booked to read etc.), moving lists (to follow up a few things since moving), shopping lists and meal planner and finance logs (spending log, bill tracker and budget).

Here are a few pics...

My weekly diary

My Books to Read List (there's a whole other page!)

Meal Planner

Pockets with some business cards in and stickers and sticky tabs

It's all very casual at the moment, I can't wait to get my hands on my Filofax and switch everything in!

Counting down the days...


  1. It's a very sensible idea to have a try and see if a loose leaf planner is for you. I know you've got your Filofax by now....( hopefully) so have lots of fun setting up and playing with it!

    1. I thought it was better than just rushing off to buy an expensive Filofax and then not use it! Loving using my Paperchase planner now, just can't wait to get my Filofax for my birthday!